{ Preface } on the word “smock” for those of you born AFTER the year 1990…

Smock definition: via http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smock

Smock-frock, a coatlike outer garment, often worn to protect the clothes

Smock photo: Google Images

Because I was born in 1990, and I didn’t know what a smock was until last week.

The month of {smock}tober was full of fun events. I spent a whole week in the lovely little town of Circleville, for Ohio’s oldest and largest festival – http://www.pumpkinshow.com – The Circleville Pumpkin Show. The first one was held in 1903. Studio 614 (I) set up a painting booth for kids to create their own pumpkins and buckeyes on canvases… they all turned out fantastic!

Sometimes we over-mixed our palettes resulting in abstractly beautiful masterpieces, such as this one.

Another fun event we attended was Columbus’s http://www.worstkeptsecretfest.com – Worst Kept Secret Fest, a music festival held at Dude Locker! There, we painted cats… because the theme was cats. Which was amazing.

Wood a-frame sign (below) credit goes to: my talented father who can make/create/fix anything.

We’ve also developed our calendar of art classes with our partnering restaurants in the area:

Gresso’s Restaurant and Bar

The Social Room

Woodlands Backyard

The Daily Growler

Here’s some photos from our first few classes… I met some wonderful women and children. And a few men who were not as great in the painting department. It’s okay guys, I’m sure you can do something cool. Never give up.

Lastly, you MUST read Girl About Columbus’s post on their beautiful http://girlaboutcolumbus.com/2014/11/23/columbus-blogsgiving-2/ Blogsgiving. Each one of these lovely ladies work hard for their readers, and they deserved such a great event. Attendees were http://www.kasuallife.com

Kathy and Sophia, Cheryl from http://drinkupcolumbus.com/Drink Up Columbus, Morgan from http://morganigans.com/ Morganigans, Autumn from http://www.bestofthemenu.com/ Best of the Menu, Morgan from http://columbusliving.weebly.com Columbus Living, and Amanda from http://www.girlaboutcolumbus.com Girl About Columbus.

So overall… {Smock}tober and November have been wonderful months for my traveling art studio. We’re making progress, little by little, in order to make Columbus a more colorful place.

So let’s celebrate… and paint about it [some more].


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