Always love mornings with Maria & Jackie on Good Day Columbus!

Whether you’re celebrating this mother’s day as a new mom, with your grandmother, or at a big family reunion, we’ve got the perfect crafty gifts to celebrate the moms in your life!

For the full video of the segment, see their website here!

Project #1: Dried Lavender Chandelier

*Materials needed: fishing line, a metal ring, scissors, dried lavender (you can buy from Amazon here).

Begin by cutting a few 6″ pieces of fishing line.

Tie one end of the first piece of fishing line around a bundle of lavender (3-5 pieces) about 2″ from the bottom of the stems, and then the other end around the metal ring. Let it hang about 2″ of fishing line so that it appears to float upside down beneath the ring.

Repeat as many times as you want around the metal ring.

Once you are happy with the amount of lavender, you may now tie a 15″ piece of fishing line around one place on the ring, and then the other end on the opposite side so that we begin to create the line that will hang the ring.

Now, you’ll notice that the ring is not hanging horizontally but rather wobbles from side to side. To prevent this, we need to repeat that step at the other 2 corners of the ring so that we have a total of 2 15″ strands all at an even 4 corners of the circle. This is how it hangs perfectly level and horizontal.

This lavender chandelier should smell nice for about 6 months! WOW! Then, you can always replace the lavender bundles if you want to freshen it up.

Let dry, and hang in a doorway, window, the bathroom, a baby’s room, or anywhere!

Project #2: Chicken-wire Vision Board

*Materials needed: chicken wire (from Lowes), an old picture frame, wire cutters, pliers, a stapler, clothes pins, and decor.

Begin by cutting the chicken wire with your wire cutters to perfectly fit the picture frame of your choice (note the picture frame shouldn’t have the glass in it).

Staple the chicken wire to the frame. In order for the staples to go into the wood, the frame must be a soft wood, not metal or steel.

Then, use pliers to tuck the sharp edges inward so that they do not poke anybody while moving or hanging the frame.

Decorate with clothes pins, photos inspiration, sticky notes, etc!


Project #3: Lavender String Art

*Materials needed: string, a paper to draw your mason jar template on, hammer and nails, 12″x12″ board, optional paint and brushes for extra decor, dried lavender.

Draw a mason jar template on your piece of paper.

Place the paper on the 12″x12″ wood board, and begin hammering the nails into the 4 corners over the paper so that the paper stays in place.

Continue hammering nails in every 1/4″.

When finished with all the nails, rip the paper up from the board.

Tie your string onto any nail. Then, string it around nails in a random pattern back and forth until you have created a spider-web looking design an


d are happy with the amount of string on the board.


Tie it off.

Add the dried lavender by pushing it through the top of the jar, and it should stay in place pretty well. Do not glue, because you’ll want to add fresh flowers or new dried ones later once the scent is gone.



Don’t forget about our giveaway this week- tag @thestudio614 and @gooddaycolumbus if you make one of these crafts. The first 3 people to tag us in their finished creations will receive a free class ticket!

Happy Mother’s Day, ya’ll!



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