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diy-columbus-studio-614Warmer weather + arts & crafts + our friends at Good Day Columbus! I always have a fun time laughing and crafting on Good Day Columbus at Fox 28. Pete & Courtney joined me for some fun, summer DIY projects this morning. Since it’s recently started to warm up, there’s a 100% chance your backyard is full of bugs! Yuck! Let’s spice up our patio with these easy crafts & get rid of those bugs.

Below you can watch the whole segment with instructions on the 2 crafts we completed, and here are the step-by-step instructions!

Bug-repelling Candles

Supplies needed: mason jars (one for each candle), floating candles, essential oils (lavender, lemongrass, and eucalyptus), rosemary, lemons, limes, and

Step 1: Pour water into your mason jars so that there is only about 2 inches of room available at the top.

Step 2: Pour 8-10 drops of each essential oil (per glass).

Step 3: Add about 3 wedges of lemon and 3 wedges of lime to this mix. Also, add a bit of rosemary as well.

Step 4: Add the floating candle on top and light it.

By this time, you should be enjoying some amazing smells!

Note: If you’d like to re-use this mixture, it will stay good longer if you close it up with the mason jar lid and throw it in the refrigerator!






Hand-painted Coasters

good-day-columbus-arts-and-crafts Supplies needed: cork boards, acrylic paint, scissors, sharpie, paint brushes.

Step 1: Trace coaster-sized circles onto the cork board. You can either use a ruler, and use coasters that you already have to trace and be sure that the circles are large enough for drinks.

Step 2: Pour your acrylic paint onto a plate or pallet, and begin to paint the fun fruit designs! You can copy our designs pictured here.

Step 3: Allow it to dry, and cut the shapes out with the scissors.

Step 4: Use a strong-hold hair spray to fix the paint and seal it. This way, it will withstand the condensation that will drip from
glasses being set on the coasters.

Step 5: Enjoy!

Thank you again for having me on air today to share these fun crafts. Until next time!




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