It’s 70 and sunny out today — the perfect weather for football season! Next weekend we’re kicking off game day with the Buckeyes, so here are your DIY tailgate party crafts to work on until then!

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Burlap football coasters:

Step 1) Trace football shapes onto your burlap. These shapes should be just a bit bigger than the bottom of a glass in order to successfully act as coasters. However, sizing may vary just as our does.

Step 2) Cut out the football shapes with scissors.

Step 3) Use a sharpie or acrylic paint with an extra small paint brush to paint the stitches of the football in the center, and a stripe on each side.

Step 4) Repeat with all of the footballs, and you’re finished!

PRO TIP: If you want to re-use these coasters year after year, you may want to add a thin coat of hot glue to the edges of the burlap footballs. This will keep the edges from fraying. You can do this on the bottom side of the coasters so that it doesn’t show on the top.

Referee Bottle Labels:

Step 1) Begin by measuring the width “top to bottom” of your current labels on the gatorade bottles or water bottles that you wish to cover. Also, use a ruler or measuring tape to measure the circumference of the bottle.

Step 2) Cut 1 strip of white construction paper or cardstock that is this width and length (add an inch to the length to allow for overlap when attaching). Repeat, cutting however many strips you need to cover the amount of bottles you have.

Step 3) Mark 1.5″ stripes with a pencil on all of the paper strips to prepare to paint your black stripes.

Step 4) Either paint your black stripes with black acrylic paint, or fill in with a thick sharpie marker.

Step 5) Wrap each label around each bottle, and use clear scotch tape to tape them in place.

Step 6) *optional* If you have whistles, wrap them around the top of the bottles to add a nice finishing touch!

Field Goal Planters:

Step 1) Begin by painting a few popsicle sticks yellow with acrylic paint (maker won’t show up so well).

Step 2) Glue the field goals together as shown in the photo. Let dry. We used Gorilla wood glue, but you can use hot glue or Elmer’s glue (as long as you let dry).

Step 3) Paint your teracotta pots however you wish! They can be green with field goal lines, or they can be themed to your football team of choice.

Step 4) Break off a piece of your floral foam that fits into the first pot, but only fills it about halfway. Repeat with the second pot.

Step 5) Add your moss or greenery of choice on the top of that floral foam to hide it.

Step 7) Once the field goals are completely dry, stick each one into the center of the pot, and firmly push it down into the floral foam so that it is stuck in place!

Snack Stadium:

Step 1) Gather all the cereal boxes, granola bar boxes, and pop can boxes you have! Cut each one in half, and place them around your rectangular dish of choice.

Step 2) Once you determine how they will best fit to fill the stadium seating around the dish, you can begin cutting them at angles so that they are tall in the back, and short down near the dish.

Step 3) Repeat the popsicle stick painting and gluing from the steps above (in planter project) to create your 2 field goals.

Step 4) Fill your rectangular trey with hummus, and fill each stadium section with your snacks of choice.

Step 5) Insert the field goals into the hummus on each side. Bon Apetíte!

Thank you for joining us, and LET’S GO BUCKEYES!

xo, Megan Pando

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