Ho, ho, hooray for easy Christmas crafts! Megan Pando here, and I made some beautifully simple and easy Christmas ornaments on Good Day Columbus with our friends, Maria Durant, Jackie Orozco, and Buck Michael!

The best thing about these ornaments? No messy paint or brushes needed, and it’s safe for kids of all ages (parental supervision advised). Keep  in mind you can use clear plastic ornaments instead of glass!

This Christmas, Good Day Columbus featured a local non-profit on their show called Ability Matters, who provides recreational activities, transportation, support, social experiences, and quality care to kids and families living with autism. This was such a wonderful reminder of how much of a difference we can make by getting involved with local non-profits here in Columbus. I’m not usually one for new year resolutions, but when I periodically set goals for myself, I add them to my digital to-do list, and set monthly reminders so that it’s not just a goal that sits in the back of my head and pops up every once in a while. This week, my reminders are to reach out to one non-profit per month to host a studio workshop fundraiser for them while also learning what they do for our community. We all have something to offer whether it’s a talent, skill, or just our hard-working hands, so let’s put them to work this 2019 for organizations like Ability Matters.

Thanks to Good Day Columbus for having me on your special Christmas Show 2018!

XO, Meg

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