These beyond-adorable sock bunnies are a MUST HAVE for your Easter brunch set-up. See the whole Good Day Columbus segment below for demonstrations, and our step-by-step instructions to try them at home!

A few trends I’m seeing within the home decor world this spring are eucalyptus, pastel oranges and yellows, and some alternative embroidery hoop projects that require no needles or sewing (safe for the kids)!

Supplies for Sock Bunnies:

  • Full socks (any light colors, and any size) *cannot be ankle socks*
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon, yarn, thread, or burlap (for the bows)
  • Rice
  • Black Sharpie marker

Step 1) Begin by pouring rice into your first sock until it is full all the way to the top of the heel (so that the only space that’s not full is the portion of the sock that goes up the ankle and calf.

Step 2) Squeeze just below the heel and just above the heel, and tie in both those places (double knotting). This way, you have 2 balls of rice connected (the larger one is the majority of the sock, and the head of the bunny is the smaller one.. the heel portion of the sock).

Step 3) After double knotting, make a bow in each of those places so that the bunny has a bow-tie, and also a bow at the base of the ears (which will be the ankle portion of the sock).

Step 4) To cut the ears, hold the ankle portion of the sock directly upright above the bunny, and cut a straight line down the center all the way until you reach the base of the ears (or top of the head).

Step 5) Now that you have 2 long pieces of sock, cut each one to be your desired length of ears, and be sure to have a point at the end so that they are not square ears!

Step 6) Use the sharpie to draw the 2 dot eyes and a small x for the nose!

Supplies for Bunny Butt Planters:

  • Cotton balls
  • Terracotta pots (mini)
  • Green floral foam
  • Faux flowers of your choice
  • Hot glue
  • White felt
  • Pink paint

Step 1) Begin by placing your floral foam into your terracotta pot, and then stick your flowers in and arrange however you’d like.

Step 2) Use hot glue to attach one cotton ball to the base of the plant on one side.

Step 3) Tear a very small piece of cotton off another cotton ball, and roll it into a tiny ball (this will be your bunny’s tail).

Step 4) Glue that little tail onto the cotton ball so that it’s facing the viewer.

Step 5) Cut two mini ovals out of your white felt (to be the bottom of the feet). Be sure these ovals are just a bit larger than the tail, but there’s no need to measure perfectly.

Step 6) Before gluing them onto the cotton ball, use your pink paint and a tiny brush to paint the circles on the bottom of the feet.

Step 7) Once dry, you may glue them on *upside down* on each side of the tail.

Supplies for Springtime Eucalyptus Embroidery

 Hoop Wreath:

  • Large embroidery hoop (size may vary from ours)
  • Pastel colored yarn of your choice
  • Hot glue
  • Faux eucalyptus or flowers of your choice

Step 1) Detach the outside hoop from the inside hoop. Place the outside hoop aside for now, as we’ll only use the inside one for now.

Step 2) Hot glue the end of your first piece of yarn or thread onto the INSIDE of the hoop wreath, anywhere. This won’t be super noticeable.


Step 3) Once dry, begin wrapping it around this whole hoop, in any random pattern.

Step 4) Once finished with that color of thread, cut and glue it on the inside of the hoop in any place, just as we did the starting end.

Step 5) Repeat steps 2-4 with any other colors of thread or yarn as you please!

Step 6) Loosen the outside hoop to prepare to reattach it to the inside hoop. Once attached, you may tighten it up using the screw at the top of the hoop so that it’s secure in place, and the yarn is all secure as well.

Step 7) Lastly, you may arrange the eucalyptus or flowers in any way you’d like, and then hot glue it to the front surface of the hoop. Use heavy glue if the flowers are wired or heavy. Don’t be afraid to press down hard so that it’s very secure!

Thank you for joining us in our springtime crafting! I had so much fun with our Good Day Columbus friends! See ya’ll next time, and HAPPY SPRING!

xo, Meg Pando

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