Good Day Columbus {Fox 28} on 2/14/16

I had so much fun with Adam & Maria of Good Day Columbus on Fox 28 News discussing the Short North Arches Painting Class at 400 West Rich. They joined me for some painting, and I even quoted Bob Ross… the original gangster painting instructor.

I’d have to say that the only tough part of this interview was refraining from doing the “dab”. Hope I used that correctly in a sentence. I was teaching Adam the brush technique used to add the trees to the painting, in which you “dab” your paint brush on the canvas (sort of like sponge painting). As soon as I used this word, I went into dab-mode, which is typical of your basic mid-twenties {art}repreneur.

What is the “dab” you ask?

Here’s a visual.


According to Urban Dictionary and, The “dab” is a dance in which you throw your arms both to one side and lean your face into the inner part of your elbow in a sneeze like motion; also is a replacement word for “swag”.

After the segment, I hurried back to the studio to set up for the painting class of 30 happy couples!




Anyways, please enjoy this dab-free video clip (below) from Good Day Columbus on Sunday morning. Hope everyone had a blessed Valentine’s Day!

Watch the segment on GDC’s website here.



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