Arts & Crafts with Studio 614 on Good Day Columbus { Fox 28 }

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This was a Friday morning to remember! Nothing quite better than being greeted at the Fox 28 offices by Brutus himself! Not to mention it’s already the day before Ohio State’s FIRST game of the 2016 season. Smiles were wide, and cheers were loud as the OSU Dance Team kicked off our morning with an awesome cheerful demo with Brutus.

We also got some awesome tips and tricks to grilling out for your tailgates this season, and I of course was there to show you all the most unique Pinterest DIY tailgate crafts to decorate your home for the watch parties this season. Enjoy!

osu-studio-614 { GAME DAY  COASTERS }

Supplies needed: mod podge, ceremic tiles, printer, ink, and copy paper, your images on a computer connected to printer, foam brushes, and felt (with adhesive side or glue to attach).

Start by attaching felt to the underside of each piece of tile. You may either cut small circles and attach in each corner, or cut one large square to fit the back of the tile perfectly. Repeat for the amount of tiles/coasters you are creating.

Now, pour the mod podge into a bowl or onto a foam plate to prepare it for use.

Your photos that you would like to transfer to the tiles should be 3.75″ in length by 3.5″ in height. The reason it’s just a quarter inch smaller in height than in length is to give us enough space at the bottom of the tile to write some words (if you would like that polaroid effect).

You may print your photos on any standard copy paper with an at-home printer. Black and white works too! Or even add an Instagram filter to the images too.

Use the foam brush to apply a thin layer of mod podge to the first tile. Then cut and lay your first picture on it. Use your fingers to work out the air bubbles. At this point, you may even need to use a credit card to push the air bubbles out, but be VERY gentle as not to scrape the photo off of the tile completely. If you do, no big deal! Just wash off the tile and start over.

After the photo is completely attached to the tile, you may add a coat over top. Keep in mind that this will look white and milky, but it will surely dry CLEAR. Once that coat dries, apply 3 more coats (with drying time in between). Then, your coasters are ready to go!


Supplies needed: dollar store footballs, fresh flowers, scissors, sharpie, drinking glass or flower vase (which must be a bit shorter than the length of the football itself).

Definitely go purchase some small, cheap footballs! Don’t steal them from the kids.. that could get dangerous if you cut up their favorite footballs!

Begin by measuring the circumference of the bottom of the glass cup or vase. Then, cut a circle that is just a bit larger in circumference around the bottom of the football. We will want to be able to fit the football over the top of the glass

Then, once you put it over the vase, you may use the sharpie to draw a circle around the top of the football. This circle can be as large as you’d like (the flowers will go through it). Just be sure that the glass does not peak out through the top of the football, as the glass should be completely hidden and for the only use of holding the flowers and supplying water to them (if they are fresh).

Then, add your flowers and water, and there you have your football season centerpiece!








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