Arts & Crafts with Studio 614 on Good Day Columbus { Fox 28 }

October is only 7 days away, and your fireplace mantle or dining room table are going to look amazing with this cute DIY pumpkin decor, brought to you by Megan, of Studio 614.

Let’s bust out the UGGS and knitwear!


Let’s remember now, that fall truly is the best season, and I am trying to embrace it with as many pumpkin-themed objects, drinks, foods, coloring books, and best of all CRAFTS. This means my October already started for me [last week,], and there’s actually pumpkins all over my living room as I type this. This morning, I had the pleasure again of visiting Fox 28 for some pumpkin crafts with Shawn & Courtney! How cute are these crafts! See the whole DIY instructions below.



{ Mason Jar Candle Holders/Lumineers }

Supplies needed: mod podge, mason jars, copy paper, ink, your images on a computer connected to printer, foam brushes, and digital images of leaves (see below for the images you can print out).

studio-614-good-day-columbusBegin coating the whole mason jar with modge podge using the foam brush. You will notice that modge podge always looks translucent white and has a milky texture. Don’t fear! This will dry clear.

Now, after printing the leaves with copy paper (the correct size) and cutting them out, you may stick them on the outside of the glasses.gdc-fox-28-pinterest

Then, add another coat of modge podge on the top of that.

Repeat for as many mason jar candle holders as you would like to make.

After the first top coat dries, be sure to add another coat (or 2 more). You’ll notice it will always still dry clear.

Once finished, you may add the circular lid but without the top so that it is not enclosed.

Add tea lights inside, and watch them glow warm beautiful colors through the leaves!

{ Mason Jar Lid Pumpkin Centerpieces }

Supplies needed: 18 mason jar lids, orange acrylic paint, sticks/twigs or cinnamon sticks, 2-sided tape or glue, rope or string (must be relatively strong).

We will begin stringing the mason jar lids onto the rope. After cutting the rope to be about 4 or 5 inches long, we then want to tie it all together columbus-fox-28-craftstightly. You’ll see the lids begin to form a circular pumpkin shape.

After tying them into this pumpkin shape, we can then spread the lids out and be sure that they are evenly spaced. At this point, if you really want/need to add more lids you may. However, we do want the diameter of the circle inside the lids to be the equivalent to the stick/twig or cinnamon sticks that we will place in the center as the stem of the pumpkin.pumpkin-crafts-ohio

Carefully add 2-sided tape or glue to the stick/twig and insert into the center circle of the lids.

We can now paint the outside of the lids orange. To get the rustic-theme that we wanted, we used a foam brush to sponge paint the outside of the lids so that the silver metal color would still show through. However, you can paint it completely covered if you’d like.

Thank you again, GDC for another wonderful time crafting with you!

Happy Crafting!


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