Arts & Crafts with Studio 614 on Good Day Columbus { Fox 28 }

Enjoy these DIY Halloween crafts for your party this upcoming weekend!

L-O-V-E these adorable Halloween Pinterest crafts. These are completely safe and fun to do with the kids or just to prepare for your Halloween party. Display them on the front porch while handing out candy, or include them on your drinks & snacks bar at the party!

And a big thank you to Fox 28 for helping us start our mornings with a hearty laugh!

{ Spider Web Balls }


Supplies needed: mod podge, string or yarn (make sure it is thin, yet strong), balloons, scissors, latex gloves, and plastic spiders!

Begin by blowing up a few of the balloons only partially. We do not want the balloons to be too full of air, as they could accidentally pop. The spider web balls will turn out to be the size of the balloon, so keep that in mind.

Next, we want to take the end of the string/yarn, and tie it onto the end of the balloon where it it’s tied off.

Now, put some gloves on if you don’t want to get your hands too messy!

Pour your mod podge into a jar, cup, bowl, or paper plate. Then you will use your fingers to begin coating the string with mod podge as you wrap it aroundthe balloon (in no particular pattern).

Wrap the mod podge- coated string around the balloon many many times until you begin to get that spider web appearance.

The more yarn that you use, the sturdier your spider web balls will be.

Once you’re finished, you may tie off the string and cut it.

Let this dry for 24 hours!

Now is the fun part! Pop the balloon and watch it deflate inside of the yarn ball. The yarn ball should now remain firm. Carefully pull the balloon through one of the holes, and cut it loose.

Glue some fake, plastic spiders in place with mod podge on the surface of the spider web ball. There you have it- an awesome Halloween party decoration.

{ Painted Monster Recycled Cans }


Supplies needed: empty (or full) cans, acrylic paint, and Sharpie paint pens.

Begin by painting each can whatever color you’d like with the acrylic paint and some brushes. Let this dry for a bit, and then we are ready to paint the monster faces onto the cans.

Although you may also use acrylic paint for the faces, we used Sharpie Paint Pens because they are much easier to make small details in the eyes, nose, and mouth of these little creatures.

Use any colors you’d like, but keep in mind that light paint will show up against dark, and vice versa.

{ Spooky Spider Ice Cubes }


Supplies needed: more fake plastic spiders, an ice cube trey, and water.

All you have to do is make a trey of ice cubes in the freezer with a fake, plastic spider in each cube! Let that freeze, and throw them into your favorite Halloween cocktails!

Thank you again, GDC for another wonderful time crafting with you!

Have a crafty Halloween, Columbus!

Meg from Studio 614



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