Got Sharpies? Got balloons? Got some coffee mugs? Good news. You already have enough supplies to throw a Galentine’s Day Party this week!

Whether you’re throwing a party with your Galentines or setting the kids up with some craft supplies to exercise their right brains, Meg is here to show you how it’s done with supplies you already have at home!

  1. Trace your hands on a piece of pink cardstock paper, but keep your thumbs and first fingers connected to form this heart! Cut out, and write on it as a Valentine!

2. Did you know you could use Sharpies to write on ceramics, glass, and even linen napkins? Bake the ceramics and glass in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees afterwards (no-preheat and let it cool down before removal from the oven to prevent breakage), and they’ll be dishwasher safe! Use Sharpie oil pens or just regular Sharpies (any color or size).

3. Cut out a bone-shaped piece of pink cardstock, and use Gorilla glue to glue your deflated balloon to it. Continue to use the same Gorilla glue to glue 2 eyes to the top of the deflated balloon. Let it all dry, and you’ve got a loveable, pink elephant-shaped Valentine!

Until next time, Love birds!


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