Time to get crafty with our friends at Good Day Columbus again!

Whether you’re having Easter brunch at your house tomorrow or just want to give the kids a fun craft to work on after their Easter egg hunt, these projects will be perfect for this season (and our first 60 degree day)!

For the full video of the segment, see their website here!

Project #1: Beginner’s DIY Fiber Wall Hanging

*Materials needed: white rope/cord, a metal ring, scissors, a ruler, fabric dye, 3 bowls, measuring spoons, water and a measuring cup.

Begin by cutting 50 pieces of white or beige yarn to be about 2 feet long each. You may use any type of yarn, cord, rope, or thick string.

To attach the strings, fold each one in half, then place the loop fold underneath the ring. Pull the ends through that loop, and pull tightly. Repeat for each string.

Pour 1 tablespoon of your fabric dye into each of the 3 containers. Then, pour a half a cup of water into one container, 1 whole cup of water into the next, and 2 whole cups of water into the third. This way, we have 3 different levels of dye concentration.

Next, dip the two bottom inches of your cord into the most concentrated mixture. Swish around a bit.

Then, dip the bottom FOUR inches into the next concentration mixture (the one with just 1 cup of water). Notice the ombre fade that has begun to form.

Finally, we will dip the strings into the most diluted mixture, and this time you may dip it anywhere from 6 inches to 10 depending on how far up you’d like the color to be.

Let dry, and hang in a doorway, window, or on the wall!

Project #2: Balloon Yarn Balls

*Materials needed: balloons, yarn, modge podge, scissors, rubber gloves.

Begin by blowing up the balloon and then tieing the end of your yarn around the tie of the balloon.

Next, pour your modge podge onto a paper plate, and begin coating the string with modge podge as you gently wrap it around the balloon. Continue until the whole balloon appears like a spider web.

Then, cut the string and let the balloon and string both dry for about 4 hours.

Pop the balloon, and notice that the yarn will remain in the cylinder shape! You may need to re-shape it in some areas, but that won’t be too difficult.

Project #3: Pastel-colored Deviled Eggs

*Materials needed: eggs, food coloring, pot and stove for boiling, knife, mayonnaise, a spoon and mixing bowl.

Hard-boil your eggs over the stove, and let them sit in the refrigerator for a few hours.

When ready, crack the eggs open, and then cut each one in half lengthwise.

Remove the yolks, and put them into a separate mixing bowl. Mix in about 1 tbsp of mayonnaise per yolk, and beat well.

Prepare food coloring in separate bowls (one color per bowl) however the package describes to prepare them.

Once ready, use a spoon to hold each half-egg, and dip it into the color of your choice. Place on a plate.

When finished with all of the dyeing, place those egg whites in the refrigerator, and place the yolk/mayonnaise mixture in the refrigerator in a separate container to cool for a few hours as well.

Once all is cool, the egg whites should be dry. You may continue to spoon the egg yolk/mayonnaise mixture into the inside of each egg white. Top with salt, pepper, or seasonings of your choice.

Hope you find lots of eggs this year!


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