Last Minute DIY Christmas Gifts on Good Day Columbus {Fox 28} with Megan Sharbaugh – 12/17/17

Happy Holidays from Meg & the #GDC Team!

Having a blast again on set with the Good Day Columbus crew making these amazing decorations! These are some last minute DIY gifts for less than $10 a piece- perfect to bring to the dinner party or give to your co-workers next week! Watch the full news segment here.

DIY Emoji Ornaments

I purchased my clear ornaments at Michaels Arts & Crafts for about $19.99 for a tub of 40 ornaments. They’re typically holding huge sales this time of year, so you can probably score 50% off that!

Step 1) Squirt about 5 pumps of yellow acrylic paint into the inside of the ornament. Cover the opening of the ornament with your thumb, and give it a couple good shakes! If the paint isn’t spreading easily to coat the inside of the ornament, try tapping it on a table top or into the palm of your hand to more aggressively move it around.

Step 2) Once the inside of the ornament is coated, you can now put the silver top on (you don’t have to let it dry).

Step 3) Now, we can use our Sharpie Oil Paint Pens (or other similar brand) to draw the emoji faces on! Check Google for a list of all emojis, since there are always new ones with every iPhone update! Am I right?

Pineapple + Chocolate Wine Bottle

You’ll never believe this, but under all that chocolate is a beautiful bottle of delicious red wine!

Step 1) Wrap duct tape around the entire bottle of wine with one hand, while holding the head of the bottle with your other hand. IMPORTANT: You should be wrapping it STICKY SIDE UP! Yep, that’s right. This is going to get sticky.

Step 2) Once the whole bottle is covered (all the way up to the lid, you may now start sticking your gold colored candy on. Use Werther’s Caramel Candies or Lindor’s White Chocolate (since they have gold wrappers). Next, grab your green construction paper, and draw leaves onto it just as shown below. Cut out the leaves, and wrap around the top of the bottle. Either stick into place with that existing tape at the top, or use a stapler to staple it into a circle which fits overtop of the head of this bottle.


Embroidery Hoop Wall Hanging

Purchase any size of embroidery hoop you’d like at Joanne’s, Michaels, or other crafting shop. Then, be sure to also have a piece of fabric that fits through the hoop (it can even be a bandana from the dollar store).

Step 1) Use a Sharpie marker or our Sharpie Paint Pens to draw or decorate the center with “Happy Holidays”, “Let it Snow”, or anything you’d like!

Step 2) Stretch the fabric through the hoop by detaching the two hoops, and then reattaching with the fabric in the middle.

Step 3) Once your fabric is attached, you may grab any greenery or red berries to attach to the side of the hoop for extra decoration. Use wreath wire and wire cutters to push wire through the fabric and up over the greenery. Wrap a few times, treating the wire somewhat like a sewing needle, and pull tightly. Twist in the back area like it is a twist tie for bread, and then tuck underneath so that it will not cut someone’s hands.

And this bonus project for the kids! Gather your extra paint samples from the hardware store, and cut triangle trees out of them! Paste them to cardstock, and you have a one-of-a-kind Christmas card.

Now you have these simple, DIY last minute gifts that are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face this holiday season! Thanks for hosting again Good Day Columbus!


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