It’s a trap! Don’t fall for the $1 party decor shelves at Target! You can make your very own decorations this year.

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Supplies for Colored Rice Candle Holders:

  • Glass containers of your chosen size
  • White rice (uncooked)
  • Water
  • Red food coloring
  • Blue food coloring
  • Flameless plastic candles
  • 6 Standard-sized Ziplock bags

Step 1) Begin by pouring a generous amount of rice into 3 bags. Then, double bag those 3 bags of rice, just to be safe before we dye them.

Step 2) Add a few drops of water to two of the bags of rice. Then, add a few drops of blue food coloring to one bag, and add a few drops of red food coloring to another. The last bag of rice will remain white!

Step 3) Use your hands to work the food coloring through the rice thoroughly so that every grain is dyed.

Step 4) Allow the bags of rice to dry, with the zipper opened so that the air can circulate.

Step 5) Once dry, you may now pour the rice into the glass containers so that it appears striped like the photo here. Depending on the size and height of your glass container, you may be able to add more than just one stripe of each color (if it’s a taller container).

Supplies for DIY Backyard Ringtoss Game:

  • Various old wine bottles and/or beer bottles
  • Acrylic paint
  • Sturdy, thick rope
  • Scissors
  • Wooden crates (2)
  • Paint brushes

**PRO TIP: If you use wine bottles AND beer bottles, keep in mind that you can make the rules your own by adding extra points for the beer bottles, since those ones are smaller and more difficult to get!

**ANOTHER PRO TIP: Be sure you’re making 2 sets of these! You’ll want them to be a few yards apart (just about the same distance as 2 cornhole boards). If you want to have 2 teams of 2 players, each player will get 3 rings to toss per turn (just like cornhole!).

Step 1) Begin by painting all of your wine and beer bottles with acrylic paint and your paint brushes.

Step 2) Let dry, and then place all of them into the crate. You want them to fit snug so that they don’t wobble and knock over when the rope rings are thrown at them.

Step 3) Cut 12 pieces of rope that are about 12″ in length (giving you a little extra). Then, double knot each one so that it is a ring.

Supplies for Patriotic Pillow Shams:

  • A few pillows that are just about 2″ smaller (around all sides) than your standard bandanas (or whatever fabrics that you have cut already)
  • (2) Bandanas per pillow (or fabrics of your choice)
  • 1″ bonding adhesive tape 
  • Scissors
  • Iron or hair straightener flat iron

Step 1) Begin by placing your first piece of fabric down on your workspace in front of you with the patterned side down.

Step 2) Place your other piece of fabric over top of it, with the patterned side up.

Step 3) Cut (3) long pieces of the heat bonding tape that are the exact length of 3 of your sides of this fabric. Leave one side open to slide the pillow in.

Step 4) Next, place the fabric tape in between the two pieces of fabric on all of those 3 edges.

Step 5) Use your iron or flat iron to adhere these two pieces of fabric together. Be sure that you go over each edge a couple of times, to make sure it’s very well bonded.

Step 7) Slide the pillow in, and enjoy!



Thank you for joining us with these fun 4th of July DIY party decor projects. I had so much fun with our Good Day Columbus friends! See ya’ll next time, and Happy 4th, ya’ll!

xo, Megan Pando

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