String/Yarn Balls


String/Yarn balls are going to be the most versatile craft that you have ever happened upon. These things can be used in so many ways. Mobiles, strung across your room for decoration, table décor, light fixtures, ornaments, wreaths… should I keep going?


Was there glue in my hair afterwards? Maybe. For all my peeler addicts (you know who you are) the peeling of the tacky glue off of your skin was all worth it. But aside from the mess these things turned out pretty cool… with the write concoction. Pinterest tells us there’s several glues and methods to create the perfect string/yarn balls BUT, shocker, that wasn’t the case.



We experimented a lot using yarn and string with either Mod Podge or tacky glue + water. Some of them turned out to actually be a disaster. Consensus is… Mod Podge did not deliver. Tacky glue with 20% water worked and since we only used that with string… I guess you could say the string worked the best too.



  • String
  • Tacky Glue
  • Balloons



Step 1.

Blow as many balloons as you want into several different sizes, or all the same, depending what your project is.


Step 2.

Fill a cup with a good amount of Tacky Glue and 20% water.

Dip the string into the cup as you unravel it and wrap it around the balloon in all different directions.


Step 3.

To make sure the balloon is sufficiently covered and all of the string is tacky glued up, pour small amounts of the balloon and gently disperse it around the balloon.


Step 4.

Set your string balls aside somewhere that they wont get stuck to, for example a wooden table. Keep them away from paper. Let them sit for 4 hours to dry up.


Step 5.

After the string feels hard and dry, pop the balloon with something sharp. The balloon should come out fairly easy.



Step 6.

Step 6 is up to you, because this is where you can turn your string balls into whatever your heart desires!




So here’s a sample of what our yarn + Mod Podge combo turned out like..


We’re pretty confident that any yarn would work with the Tacky Glue concoction. Mod Podge did not pull through.

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